"8910" Neighborhood
Cotati, California

The Design Challenge

The Owner has a strong vision of creating a neighborhood with shared open space and not an extension of the adjacent subdivision. The new homes will have traditional forms in keeping with the existing farmhouse.

As part of an annexation application to the City of Cotati, create a site plan that both meets the City’s requirement that the property, if annexed, be able to be developed at six units per acre and the Owner’s wish to retain her almost 100 year old farmhouse.

The Design Response

The layout indicated shows two streets with both detached and attached housing on individual lots.  The existing main house (and the water tower!) is left on a larger parcel adjacent to the shared open space.

We created Vision Panels showing a range of building elevations as part of our submittal to the City of Cotati to give a sense of the envisioned architecture.