Chanslor Ranch Events Facility
Bodega Bay, California

The Design Challenge

Chanslor Ranch is a 387-acre ranch on the Sonoma Coast north of the town of Bodega Bay.  The Owners’ intention is to create a facility within the developed ranch area to accommodate a wide range of events.  The Events Facility will be available for weddings, conferences, corporate meetings, etc. The Owner’s program calls for an assembly area for 250 people (for weddings and dances) and 125 people for conferences. 

The Design Response

The Facility will read as an integral part of the Ranch by continuing the white painted wood of the existing buildings.  Different treatments are used to add a sense of complexity to the simple agricultural forms of the main assembly area and the service shed (toilets and warm-up kitchen).

The structure itself will be wood frame construction.  Our vision is a structure that will be harmonious with the ranch as a whole, constructed of simple materials.  We will utilize energy efficient systems with a building management system to create an environmentally sensitive building while still retaining the quality of a ranch building.  These concepts will be employed at other parts of the ranch in future improvements.