Firm Vision

The creation of Robert Leys Architects AIA in 2000 represents an affirmation of the importance of quality design in the built environment.  We look at all projects for their meaning and possibilities.

Robert Leys Architects focuses on the three skills necessary to create quality architecture:       

Design We work closely with our Clients to assist them in envisioning their projects.  We have extensive experience in the programming, design and facilitating skills necessary to create meaningful designs.  We combine an aesthetic perspective and creative problem solving skills to meet Client needs in original ways.
Technique We have the ability to build well.  This ranges from material evaluation, the production of clear, “buildable” construction documents and timely contract administration services.  Our teams have the in-depth construction experience to design the facility well and keep the project both under cost control and on schedule. Our standard is excellence in the art of the building.
Organization Ours is a firm that believes strongly in proceeding in an organized manner and staying organized through the entire course of the project.  This skill allows us to better serve our Clients and work more effectively with Consultants and Contractors for the mutual benefit of the entire team.  Most importantly, this allows us to provide our Client with a better project.