Jay's Place
Santa Rosa, California
A Robert Leys Architects AIA + AXIA Architects AIA Project

The Design Challenge

The design challenges to the Architects were to create economically constructed buildings that provide for the necessities of the occupants coupled with a site plan that allows a full range of opportunities for the development of a real sense of Community among the residents.

The challenge is nothing short of creating an environment where the people next door are your neighbors and your unit is your home.

The Design Response

The Architects worked to create a series of small neighborhood environments connected with a walkway that circles the site and provides a basic circulation pathway to the Community Building and the community at large.  The townhouses all have porches which create a semi public place adjacent to the “piazettas”.  Each unit has a small backyard with a fruit tree (a Burbank Housing Development Corporation standard!).

The buildings are designed as simple forms to keep costs down but have special touches which add a quality that carries through and lifts them to a better level.  These include the curve of the porches, the chamfers on the redwood porch columns, the gable vents, the stained beaded-plywood porch soffits and trellised open porches of the second floor flats.