Ryan Lane Subdivision
Cotati, California

The Design Challenge

This infill project will complete a neighborhood area of residential development on Ryan Lane.  The project will be integrated into this area and make use of the existing street trees on the east side of Ryan Lane.

The project is to create 6 (six) lots from the existing parcel and construct six single-family residences.  Four of the residences will have a second unit above the typical detached two-story garages.

The Design Response

The project will present an orderly, older neighborhood feeling of smaller detached homes on relatively narrow lots with garages in the rear.

The garages and second unit buildings will be treated as “outbuilding” and have a board and batten finish.  While their colors and trim details will be similar to the main residences, they will be simpler buildings than the residences fronting Ryan Lane. This will create a hierarchical relationship between the primary residences and the secondary outbuildings.

Trellises have been introduced on the garage/second units as well as on the back of the residences.  Bringing greenery up in the air at these locations will both soften the buildings and help keep a human scale to the project.